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  Hi, thought we'd share some comments from our visitors who were kind enough to add some comments or thoughts about our web page and services. Please feel free to add your own  COMMENTS here. Click on the masks to go back to HOME PAGE.


Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 10:20:46 +0800
Name: Goh Soon Huat
Email Address: carbo@mbox5.singnet.com.sg       URL:
City: Singapore   State: Singapore     Country: Singapore

Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 18:50:32 -0700

Name: Kenneth Tuttle ( ozob )
Email Address: kt88@sover.netr            URL:
City: Vergennes    State:Vermont           Country: USA
I will tell you that Bobby is one of the best clown that belong to the Cairo
Northen Clowns I have Clowned a lot of times with him and enjoy Clowning
with him very much

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:44:12 -0400
Name: Roy Maskell
Email Address: kodiakman@mindspring.com     URL: http://www.together.net/~rjam1995
City: Fairfax          State: VT        Country: USA

I like your web page.


Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 10:44:13 -0400

Name: Josephine Yeo Maskell
Email Address: feeny1995@mindspring.com     URL: http://rjamenterprises.tripod.com
City: Fairfax          State: VT        Country: USA
Comment:  Hi, this is Josephine Maskell, Bobby's little sister. Just wanted to thank you all for visiting our web page and a special thank you to everyone who took the time to sign Bobby's guest book. A lot of time and effort went into creating this web page. I do hope that you all like it and would like to share your comments with other visitors. Please email Bobby if you should have any questions about his services or email me with comments or questions about the web page.

Thanks and have an excellent day!!!!!!!! :0)